Our bilayer paper is on the arxiv.

February 15, 2023

This paper is the first significant result after we built up the machine. We have invented a super-resolution optical potential well that brings two layers of dysprosium atomic gas with opposite spins and temperatures close to within 50 nm, tens of times smaller than the wavelength of visible light. With it, we have precisely carved out the density distribution of the atomic wave function with a resolution higher than 10 nm.

From 500 nm to 50 nm, the distance between atoms decreases by a factor of 10, while the long-range interactions between them are enhanced by a factor of 1000. We have observed strong interactions between atomic layers through two experiments. In the first experiment, we observed that even across a vacuum, heat can still be transferred between layers of atoms that are close together but not in contact -- two layers of atomic gases with different temperatures converge to thermal equilibrium by the interaction of fluctuating dipoles. In a second experiment, we observe that this long-range interaction can couple the collective momentum excitation of the atoms in one layer to the other.